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L’Ast de la Selva

We are a small Catalan and totally artisanal company that offer home-cooked dishes and roasted meats cooked over a wood fire.

We are endorsed by a history of more than 23 years, serving our customers with the highest quality.

All our dishes are made with top quality raw materials and from select suppliers from the Girona region, guaranteeing local products, great nutritional value and having sanitary controls so that the product reaches consumers with the maximum hygiene conditions.

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Our cheeks and ribs are Duroc pork.

In the variety is the taste and this is our best intention to offer you different dishes throughout the year with the purpose of surprising you with new varieties and new flavors.

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L’Ast de la Selva

Consult our suggestions and let yourself be advised without obligation.

You will not regret.

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